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Texas Life Insurance Legislation Paying Off, State Collects $89,000 from Single CSLN Match

July 12, 2016 -

The Texas Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Division is considered a nationwide leader in child support collections. Since enacting mandatory life insurance reporting legislation in 2011, they have experienced consistent growth in their collections from this resource. Contributing further to this success was a recent collection of  $89,271.73 from a single Child Support Lien Network (CSLN) match.

In February 2016, CSLN received a life insurance match from Genworth Financial through its secure online lookup. After reviewing and qualifying the match, CSLN released it to Texas, who was able to coordinate efforts with the claim examiner and collect over $89,000. This substantial life insurance intercept benefited two families, both of whom were owed thousands of dollars in overdue support. On another positive note, since this collection, the non-custodial parent has started making regular monthly payments to each family, coming into compliance to meet his financial child support obligations.

As reflected in this case, life insurance intercepts are proving to be another valuable collection tool for many families not in receipt of routine child support payments.

Since introducing its life insurance legislation, Texas has collected over $32 million from CSLN life insurance matches. This impressive amount has undeniably helped numerous parents obtain the financial support necessary for their children to grow up and succeed in life, which is part of the Texas Child Support Division’s mission statement.

Congratulations to Texas and Genworth Financial, whose partnership has provided financial support for not only these two families, but many others as well. The future looks bright as life insurance companies continue to be important participants in the collaborative effort to collect past due child support for our nation’s children.

If your state is interested in the CSLN life insurance module or would like more information, please contact Mary Iverson, CSLN Business Analyst, at (888) 240-7488 Ext. 200 or email


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