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Interstate Case Fully Satisfied through Life Insurance Reporting!

May 9, 2017 -

In a wonderful example of interstate collaboration, the Texas Special Collections Unit (SCU) recently intercepted a life insurance beneficiary payout totaling $88,206.00. This uplifting story began when Texas received a CSLN life insurance match from MetLife Insurance Company. Within days, a MetLife claim handler expedited the delivery of this impressive benefit amount to the Texas SCU. Texas quickly redirected the majority of this intercept to the Nevada Child Support Enforcement Program, which benefited a custodial parent residing in Nevada.

Upon learning about the significant intercept on behalf of a Nevada custodial parent, Mr. David Castagnola, Nevada’s Program Specialist, expressed his gratitude:

“Certainly a very timely example of the effectiveness of mandatory claims matching laws. We would have never known about the payment if the NCP didn’t live in a state with a mandatory reporting law (thank you Texas!).”

When the Nevada custodial parent was notified of a child support payment in the amount of $78,055.00, she was speechless except for repeatedly saying, “Oh my God, oh my God, God bless you!” This arrears only case, in which the child was emancipated in 2001, is now paid in full! The remaining $10,151.00 also fully satisfied the arrears owed to a custodial parent from Texas.

This outcome demonstrates a highly successful coordination of efforts by Texas, Nevada, and MetLife, resulting in an amazing outcome for two families in different states. As always, CSLN is genuinely inspired by this collaborative effort and dedication to serving all children and families!


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