The Child Support Lien Network (CSLN) Pays Homage to Insurance Members as it Nears $2 Billion in Child Support Collections!

February 2021

As we reflect on the insurance industry’s long-term partnership with the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN), we acknowledge the commitment of service they have demonstrated to the child support community, including state agencies and the families and children they serve.

When the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN) first began over twenty (20) plus years ago, claims handlers and adjusters were granted access to perform a search right on the CSLN website to quickly determine whether a claimant owed past due child support in Rhode Island before issuing payment on the claim. The rapid results allowed insurance companies to move forward in the claim process without skipping a beat. Today, over 1,800 insurance companies are affiliated with CSLN and its 30 state members, participating in the daily electronic data match process. Although less than 1% of an insurer’s claim volume is linked to past due child support cases, the insurance industry’s cooperation with CSLN has led to nearly $2 billion in collections for participating child support agencies.

CSLN continues to enhance and expand its platform which fosters the collaborative spirit between state child support agencies and the insurance industry, working together toward the end goal of providing families with essential financial support. It is this type of partnership that truly demonstrates how CSLN and insurance companies across the nation continue to work in concert toward a common goal and bring about a dramatic, positive change to society.

In addition to this remarkable life to date milestone, below is a quick glance at a few other significant child support collections resulting from a single insurance claim just this past year.

Collection Examples





Two specific collections worthy of mentioning recently occurred in 2020 from an Allstate personal injury claim  and another personal injury claim from Farmers Insurance Exchange. The first case resulted in a remarkable recovery of over $287,000 in past due child support, and the second case yielded an impressive payment of over $146,000! These two insurance intercepts provided multiple families in Arizona and Colorado with long awaited child support payments who would otherwise not receive it without this essential Program. This truly exemplifies the tremendous value and meaningfulness of the crucial partnership developed over the years between the insurance industry and the child support program.

These successes would not be possible without the cooperation and commitment of over 1,800 insurers. Simply stated, the increased participation of insurance companies embracing their corporate citizenship and social responsibility has a direct impact on the financial stability of the very families living in the communities they serve.

The future looks bright as insurance companies continue to be important participants in the collaborative effort to collect past due child support for our nation's children.

A genuine and heartfelt ‘thank you’ and a well-deserved ‘congratulations’ to all participating insurers on a job well done for their vital contributions to a successful and substantial insurance intercept program!