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Delaware Laws

All states have new administrative lien and subpoena powers enacted into law by the U.S. Congress in 1996. State Child Support agencies can issue subpoenas administratively to any person, business or entity to determine assets and access personal information belonging to persons who owe child support. States can issue liens and levies administratively against the assets of delinquent parents in order to collect past due support. In addition, Congress required all states pass legislation that recognizes each states administrative authority and powers across state lines. Thus, the States belonging to the Child Support Lien Network are operating under new law in order to discover insurance claim data.

Code of Federal Regulations:

45 CFR 303.6. Enforcement of Support Obligations

United States Code:

42 USC 659(f). Relief from liability
42 USC 652(a)(11). Interstate liens
42 USC 666(c). Administrative authority

Delaware Code:

Del. Code Ann. tit. 13, 2205(a)(4), (5). Administrative Authority
Del. Code Ann. tit. 13, 2207. Enforcement by DCSS
Del. Code Ann. tit. 13, 2212. Financial institution data matches
Del. Code Ann. tit. 13, 2215(a). Lien by Operation of Law
Del. Code Ann. tit. 13, 2215 (g)(3), (4). Liens against personal injury, workers compensation benefits