Welcome to the Child Support Lien Network


Delaware Insurance Industry Outreach


April 2007

SUBJECT:     Child Support Lien Network

Dear Insurance Company:

We are asking for your participation in the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN), an exciting new project that will help the children of Delaware receive more of the child support to which they are entitled. Even though there are many collection remedies available to our program, an intercepted insurance settlement may be the only way some families can recover years of unpaid child support.

In conjunction with a number of states, Delaware is making delinquent child support obligor information available to insurance companies. This information will be available on a secure Internet website that will allow you easy access when processing insurance claims. You will be able to access this information online or you will be able to conduct an electronic interface with the database.

The Child Support Lien Network website was designed, developed, and tested in cooperation with an advisory committee of Rhode Island insurance companies and representatives of other insurance companies across the nation and has been operating successfully since 1999. It has proven there is money available from insurance claims that should go to children. While initially developed as a New England project, 23 states currently participate in the Network.

Title 13, Section 2215 of the Delaware Code allows the Child Support Services Division to place a lien on a judgment or settlement as property of the obligor if the obligor owes past-due support. If past-due child support is owed, we will file a lien requesting that you withhold delivery or distribution of the funds until you receive notice from our agency that distribution is appropriate.

For more information about how your company can use CSLN to assist us in ensuring that child support is paid, please visit Delawares CSLN home page.

We are confident that you will find this web-enabled application to be fast, easy to use, and a good fit with your company's existing business strategy for technology. Your participation will help us ensure that financial support is a reality in many young lives. On behalf of the children who will benefit from this program, thank you for your efforts.


Charles E. Hayward, Director
Delaware Child Support Services Division