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Indiana Laws


As defined by the statutes referenced below, Indiana is able to utilize an income withholding order to encumber monies from lump sum payments such as an insurance settlement and workers compensation claim. Indiana's income withholding order serves the same function as a lien or "freeze and seize order" that another State would be required to use.

IC 31-16-12-1
Enforcement Remedies
Sec. 1. Notwithstanding any other law, all orders and awards contained in a child
support decree or an order directing a person to pay a child support arrearage may be
enforced by:
(1) contempt, including the provisions under section 6 of this chapter;
(2) an income withholding order; or (emphasis added)
(3) any other remedies available for the enforcement of a court order;
except as otherwise provided by IC 31-16-2 through IC 31-16-11 or this chapter.

IC 31-16-15-19
Income Withholding Statute
Severance pay, accumulated sick pay, vacation pay, accumulated commissions,
bonuses, or other lump sum payments; withholding of support arrearages
     Sec. 19. (a) If an obligor:

     (1) is entitled to net income in the form of:
          (A) severance pay;
          (B) accumulated sick pay;
          (C) vacation pay;
          (D) accumulated commissions;
               (E) a bonus payment in addition to regular earned income; or
               (F) other lump sum payment; (emphasis added)
     (2) owes an amount of child support that is in arrears;
        the income payor shall withhold the amount in arrears or the product computed
        under subsection (b), whichever is less, up to the maximum permitted under 15
        U.S.C. 1673(b).

IC 31-18-1-6
"Income" means anything of value owed to an obligor

IC 31-18-1-7
"Income payor" is defined as an employer or other person who owes income to an obligor