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Oklahoma What Happens Next?


Pending insurance claim settlements are matched to delinquent child support obligors through an automatic data match.

The Oklahoma Child Support Enforcement Division (OCSS) will file a lien and An Income Assignment on any pending claim with an insurance company.

Once the insurance claim is settled, the insurance company representative must contact the Oklahoma Child Support Division (refer to the lien document or see Contact Information below) to obtain

  • the updated arrears amount, and
  • instructions on disbursing the money.

Next steps

Within a few days of the match, a lien will be sent to the Insurance Company from the OCSS of Oklahoma. The child support lien notice will contain the name and contact information of the child support officer who will be helping you with this lien (see also Contact Information below).

The OCSS will also send a copy of the lien notice to the insurance claimant. The insurance claimant/child support obligor will be given an opportunity to contest the amount of child support owed with the OCSS. In the event that the obligor’s contest is successful (e.g., satisfactory proof of payments not recorded on the child support payment registry), a child support lien with the updated arrearage total will be sent to the insurance company, or a release of lien will be sent to you if all the arrears have been paid.

The child support lien encumbers the insurance claimant’s settlement in an amount equal to the arrears total stated in the lien, PLUS any unpaid child support obligations which accrue between the filing of the lien and the claim settlement.

When you contact the OCSS for an arrears update immediately before the insurance settlement, the child support officer will send you an updated lien notice (although the lien’s date of attachment is governed by the date of the original lien notice). If the insurance claimant owes child support arrears under more than one court order, the child support officer will provide you information the respective amounts to be made payable to each court case.

Payment information

Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry

Oklahoma Statutes were amended in Title 43, Section 413 to create the Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry

The Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry (CCR) helps reduce expenses and paper work in processing wage withholding and lump sum child support payments by allowing them to send all payments to a single location. If you have any questions, direct them to the Central Case Registry by email to

Send Payments to:

Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry
P.O. Box 268809
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8809

Oklahoma offers Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as an option to transmit child support payments. Please call 522-2273 in the Oklahoma City call area or (800) 522-2922 for information.

How to participate

Contact the Child Support Lien Network using the Contact Information below to set up participation in the data match process.

Contact information

Oklahoma Child Support Enforcement

Telephone (toll free) 800-522-2922

NOTE: Each lien or automated income withholding references a specific contact for the case.

Child Support Lien Network
Telephone 888-240-7488


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