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Pennsylvania What Happens Next?

Once a match is identified, a Nondisbursement Order is sent to the insurance company. The local Domestic Relations Section investigates the claim match and sends a legal notice(s) to the insurance company to intercept disbursement of a claimant's insurance settlement funds for payment of his/her child support. The insurance company must comply with the provisions under Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement Laws.

All states now have new administrative lien and subpoena powers originally authorized in law by the U.S. Congress in 1996. State Child Support agencies can now issue subpoenas administratively to any person, business or entity to access asset and personal information belonging to persons who owe child support. States can now also issue liens and levies administratively against the assets of these delinquent parents in order to collect past due support. In addition, Congress required that all states pass laws that recognize each state's administrative authority and powers across state lines. Thus, Pennsylvania is using these new laws to ascertain such insurance claim data.

Contact Information

Contact the appropriate County Domestic Relations Section

Note: The name and phone number of the Domestic Relations worker handling the case will be included in the Notices you receive from Domestic Relations and CSLN.

Bureau of Child Support Enforcement DCO Customer Service (800) 932-0211

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