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Vermont Insurance Industry Outreach

Welcome to the Vermont Child Support Lien Network! In cooperation with other states around the country, Vermont is making its delinquent child support obligor information available to insurance companies. The information will be available on this secure Internet website, allowing you easy access when processing insurance claims.

Our mission is to improve children's economic security by obtaining child support obligations and payments. The Vermont Legislature has passed a law enabling our office to collect child support arrearages through various means including intercepting insurance settlements. Even though there are many collection remedies available to our office, an intercepted insurance settlement may be the only way a family can recover years of unpaid child support. That is why we are asking for your participation in an exciting new project that will help the children of Vermont receive the child support to which they are entitled.

This website was designed, developed and tested in cooperation with representatives of insurance companies across the nation. A pilot test of the website in Rhode Island has shown that there is money available from insurance claims that should go to children.

This website provides contact information and explains how your company can use this website to assist us in ensuring that past due child support is collected for families. Vermont Family Law, Title 15, Section 799, allows the State of Vermont to encumber a judgment or settlement if an obligor owes overdue child support in excess of one-quarter the annual amount due. This website, which can be accessed at, contains information about those obligors and will facilitate your company's ability to contact our agency. If child support is overdue, we will send you a legal notice requesting that you withhold delivery or distribution of the funds until you receive notice from our agency that distribution is appropriate.

We are confident that you will find this web-enabled application to be fast, easy to use and a good fit with your company's existing business strategy for technology. Your participation will help us ensure that financial support is a reality in many young lives. On behalf of the children of Vermont who will benefit from this program, thank you in advance for your efforts. We look forward to hearing from you and making this project a successful one!

Vermont Intercept Team

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