August 2020




The Child Support Lien Network (CSLN), hosted by the State of Rhode Island, in collaboration with Stellarware Corporation, is excited to announce the launch of a new module designed to expedite and streamline the process of intercepting lump sum payments from employers [or income payers] to employees on behalf of state agencies, for past due support.

CSLN, Stellarware’s flagship project, is an established, successful consortium providing child support with a vital child support collection resource through its fully integrated, customizable, web-based intercept program. CSLN matches millions of delinquent obligors to a national registry of pending personal injury and workers’ compensation claims daily. This, along with its well-known, unparalleled quality assurance (QA) processes ensures the highest level of qualified claims. These are just some of the many reasons Stellarware decided to utilize the CSLN process in the design of the lump sum payment module solution. For CSLN members, this module can be selected as an optional service integrated with their existing system – all that is required is a simple modification to their current interstate agreement. For those who are not already partnered with CSLN, this module can be leveraged with equal efficacy as its own web-based service.

Designed with both employers and state agencies in mind, this innovative, first-of-its-kind automated lump sum payment module was developed after extensive market research which identified a void in the employer community for an effective, easy to use, and timely electronic lump sum reporting service. CSLN and Stellarware also identified a need for an automated solution for intercepting lump sum payments, noting that many state agencies were handling lump sum payments manually as they were discovered.

The launch of this new feature comes at a time when means of secure electronic communication and the recovery of both past due and current support could not be more crucial. All employers need to do to get started is register. From there, information for employees scheduled to receive lump sum payments can be entered into the system interface via “Interactive Lookup” or using our Batch Upload process. Match results are instantaneous, so income payers know right away whether they are fulfilling their child support obligation.

While employers are an integral part of the equation, state agencies stand to greatly benefit from this new avenue, as well. Immediate feedback from applicable employer data supported by system alerts, exemplary quality assurance on all matches reported, and CSLN’s automatic generation and issuance of e-IWOs and liens on their behalf, are all characteristics of this solution’s ability to cut costs and enhance their collections potential.

Both employers and state agencies will take great comfort in not only the quality of match data, but can also rest assured that when questions arise, as they invariably do, answers are just a click away with the solution’s ability to facilitate two-way communications via secure channels. 

For additional information on how CSLN’s Lump Sum Payment Module can revolutionize your agency’s workflows and increase overall collections, or to request a live demo, please contact Ann Murray, Project Manager, by phone at (888) 240-7488 or via email at A one-page solution overview to share with your team may be viewed / downloaded by clicking here.